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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A new netbook has been released that it can last for about eight hours with Gateway laptop battery in it. This standby time seems to be a high level for all the laptop batteries while many others can only reach half of the value.

Since Gateway emerged in US, it hasn’t been so popular and developed so well as many other laptop suppliers. Although Gateway laptop battery has good battery cells, circuit designs and even advanced technology, it comes to keep on the low for a long time. So is this kind of netbook to last for long while it is always regarded as a native brand in US.

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Except for the unique features of netbook, there’re still some additional factors to extend the battery capacity of Gateway laptop battery. Normally, a lithium-ion battery, just as Gateway mx8710 laptop battery with 14.8V and 4400mAh can only last for three to four hours. Comparatively, a high capacity battery needs more cells inside.

As laptop batteries with longer standby time are at higher risk of overheat while more internal resistances will be produced by it. For this reason, Gateway laptop battery comes to improve the interior and exterior materials in shell, circuitry and electrode. A new substance, called lithium manganese oxide is with better performance in inductive effect to extend the battery shelf life.

With nanotechnology applied, we don’t need to worry about reaction emerges in the Gateway laptop battery. Actually, lithium hydroxide and hydrogen gas can promote the lithium-ions to be more stable and efficient. That’s why it can reach the high level of standby time with no more cells added into it.

Anyway, as netbook requires less power energy than a normal laptop, the technology of laptop batteries still have a long way to go in the shelf life, standby time and recharging cycles.

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