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Monday, August 9, 2010

Since Google had acquired Gizmo5 last year, a war comes to start between Google Voice and Skype. With more development potentials emerge to internet voice chat, Skype is no longer the sole supplier. As to Skype phone, it comes to be a turning point to figure out its real position in the market.

the position of skype phone

From the name, many users are likely to regard it as a tool for Skype; actually, it is only a kind of VOIP phones. There is no doubt that the popularity of Skype is really a miracle in the industry of consumer electronics, which makes Skype a pronoun of internet voice chat messenger. For this reason, many users and manufacturers are used to call it Skype phone instead of USB phone or VOIP phone.

In USB Phone World, there’s a product, 160 feet USB cordless phone for Skype, which is able to work with multi-soft phones, Skype included. As a matter of fact, it can also be used in both MAC and Windows as what advertised by Google. Comparatively, another device Wi-Fi phone is more likely to be a tool of Skype according to its features.

In addition, to enjoy the phone calls like Skype phone, there’s another device with different usage mode; that is USB phone adapter. From the principle, we still cannot regard it as a phone or a simple chat tool but an adapter to achieve multi-functions on external devices and software. To be sure, it is the adapter that presents the essence of VOIP with converting a traditional phone line into USB phone.

I think it is time for Skype phone to have its own name and brand according to new position in the market. After all, it has been passed that the phone has to develop on the basis of Skype instead of a separated product itself.

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