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Friday, August 6, 2010

Although it is called Skype phone, it is not only a device for Skype but also a separated communication tool just as mobile phone. Anyone who is familiar with Skype still cannot ensure that he can play well with the phone while many additional functions are unique and amazing to users.

skype phone

Except for Skype, Skype phone can be adapted to many other messengers like MSN, Yahoo and Google Talk and so on. Without doubt, if you download skypemate, it can complete an excellent experience of phone call without any other software installed. Of course, as it has similar performs in communication, low expense and multi-frequency network, it is always misunderstood by a subsidiary product.

In fact, Skype phone is also called USB phone according to its work principle and traditional habits. While working on wireless network or broadband network, it has to be charged and receive information from Internet by USB interface, which is definitely differently from other phones.

Nowadays, there’s a new 160 feet USB cordless phone for Skype with advanced functions in portability and level of comfort. We can achieve conference calls with Skype phone only. And download skypemate can also improve the voice quality of the calls according to different windows systems. Besides, we can store many contacts by any languages in the dictionary.

In my opinion, the most amazing occurs to be its 50 meters scope of operation, which can spare me more time and space to deal with many other affairs when talking. As a matter of fact, this kind of 160 feet USB cordless phone for Skype has become much more popular than any other USB phones for its features of cordless.

All of users will figure out more and more additional functions and usage methods of Skype phone later after using. Maybe one day, you are just a proficient among all of us here.

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by: USB Phone World