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Friday, August 6, 2010

From the International Rechargeable Battery Expo in China yesterday, we have learned that a new powerful material for laptop battery, nanoporous silicon which can be applied in anode, cathode, electrolyte and so on.

Compared to some normal materials embedded in the porous electrode, nanoporous silicon seems to be more safety to users while high capacity can also be easy to realize in laptop battery. Nowadays, many users are keen on the extended battery for IBM Thinkpad which can last for nearly 8 hours. As a matter of fact, these high capacity batteries are not so stable and safe as we expected for their internal resistances and reactive lithium-ions inside.

With nanoporous silicon emerges in the market, all these problems can be solved while a much longer standby time and shelf life will be available to laptop battery, which exceeds battery for IBM Thinkpad so much in all aspects.

nanoporous silicon for laptop battery

People who used to use battery for IBM T30 laptop are always yielding to its low capacity to pursue for safety and stability. As many user of IBM Thinkpad are businessmen more than personal users, they just cannot bear any of their data loss for accidents. So that they have to make a choice between long standby time and data security, which is no longer a problem since nanoporous silicon is applied.

It is reported that this new material will be used in vehicle first to eliminate the distress. I believe that if it comes true, all of us will no longer be limited by the short work time in laptops like battery for IBM Thinkpad and battery for IBM t30 laptop. At that time, maybe we can use laptops as a real portable device just like mobile phone, digital camera, PSP and so on.

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