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Monday, August 9, 2010

As I’ve seen more and more universal AC adapter advertisements emerged on the Internet, it seems that multifunctional chargers are more popular by users. On the contrary in practice, there’re still many other problems remained in performance improvement in several aspects.

acer ac adapter

Like many other laptop accessories, AC adapter should be compatible to certain laptop models before using. What original Acer AC adapter priors to others is the compatibility with them examined on original Acer laptops in the factory. Without doubt, any mistakes in compatibility, control circuitry and cooling fan may lead to some accidents to the charger.

Of course, many AC adapters can be shared with each other even if they are not in the same compatible laptop model list. For this reason, many users haven’t figured out the potential dangers from these internal differences in details. And then they come to choose universal Acer AC adapter instead of a specialized one.

As to a laptop charger, any parts will take great effects to its performance, such as Acer laptop power cord . In most cases, a high-quality power cord with perfect conductivity will provide more effective power energy with less internal resistances and heat produced. Especially for AC adapter with higher mains electricity voltage or frequency, the power cord and its circuits become more important to users.

That is to say, compared to a specialized Acer AC adapter, a universal laptop charger should be with the best exterior and interior materials and excellent control circuitry. After all, it cannot be tested in all the laptops, which is unavoidable to be at risk of accidents.

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