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Monday, August 9, 2010

As we used to say, the charge speed is determined by AC adapter more than battery. When a Gateway laptop battery occurs to charge rapidly, more of users won’t pay attention to it while it may also be considered as the advantage of lithium-ion laptop batteries.

Thanks to the features of lithium-ions, more problems in Ni-mh and Ni-cd batteries have been solved, such as memory effect, higher energy density and lighter weight. For these reasons, it seems to be normal for Gateway laptop battery to charge rapidly. However, if it continues to be more fast while discharges slowly, is it still good to users?

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Gateway mx8710 laptop battery, a li-ion one of 14.8 V and 4400mAh, is hard to charge rapidly for its output voltage comes to be higher than many others. In the process of charging, the voltage increases first and current follows. That’s to say, it is the voltage more than current that determines the charge speed.

However, how comes Gateway mx8710 laptop battery to be fast charged with no updates before? After checking by open-circuit voltage, I find out that there’re internal contaminants produced, including that of Gateway laptop power cord. As the later process of charge is only top-off charge, the part of voltage comes to be the primary contributor.

When internal resistances increase, those inside the cells in particular, the capacity comes to be reduced. The direct result is increasing the process of voltage charge and vice versa in discharge, just as the example of Gateway laptop battery. Although it is OK from the appearance, this abnormal phenomenon should be paid more attention to.

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