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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A new technology in laptop battery has released by eneloop recently, which is claimed to have great improvement in environmental protection. It is said to be a great leap for battery and even the whole industry of consumer electronics. As a matter of fact, this new laptop battery technology has solved many problems in lithium-ion battery from several aspects.

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Compared to normal rechargeable batteries, this new eneloop laptop battery has much more recharging cycles. We used to prefer to a high capacity Lenovo T61 extended battery life. As it has longer shelf life and higher energy density than many others, it seems to be popularized in the market in all corners. However, the new eneloop one seems to be prior to it in a large part.

Chiefly, it can charge about 1000 to 1500 times with circulatory power energy from internal battery cells while a normal Lenovo laptop battery can only charge for 500-800 times. With double capacity and more efficient in energy utilization, a new idea has been put forward about loop of energy. Under this circumstance, it has stepped into low carbon age instead of consumption like consumer electronics.

In addition, eneloop even don’t need to activate the laptop battery at the first use after purchasing. As it has been charged in the process of manufacturing, it can be used in any time as we like. Furthermore, it can also be charged by solar energy which can provide us more additional functions and convenience in use while more electricity power energy can be saved than that of Lenovo T61 extended battery life.

In my opinion, it is no more than the new technology only for laptop battery but a new concept to our life style to care about ourselves and the earth.

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