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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

As a high-end laptop brand, IBM has popularized by businessmen for stable system, powerful functions and advanced technology. Meanwhile, a software cycle count owned by IBM Thinkpad battery is not so well-known like IBM as it should be. What’s the root reason, not so useful or not enough publicity?

ibm thinkpad battery, cycle count

As to laptop batteries, I cannot emphasize the importance of shelf life and recharging cycles too much. In theory, a cycle should be calculated until the battery is fully charged. In practice, the condition seems to be more complex, which is specially designed to optimize the battery performance according to user habits.

We can see in the cycle count of IBM battery properties that many factors of battery are visible there. It includes dominated recharging cycles, actual and current cycles, work temperature, voltage and so on. According to the data, we can learn clearly about the charge process in battery for IBM Thinkpad.

Compared to the battery management system, this cycle count application has direct relationship with battery performance. After the battery accident happened to Sony this year, new battery management software has been added into its laptop system to optimize the usage of users in daily work. Instead, IBM has considered more about professionals with updated functions.

Nevertheless, even if the cycle count of IBM Thinkpad battery is so powerful that can control the battery conditions closely, most of IBM users have paid enough attention to it, including some technicians.

I just feel pity for all these laptop batteries to have such powerful software while not enough users to appreciate and enjoy it. It is better to popularize its effect than adding any other new functions to the battery for IBM Thinkpad.

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