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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It is obviously that much information about laptop battery is available on the Internet while only a little is about AC adapter. Gradually, especially when the universal laptop charger emerges, many people come to ignore it is a unique part for laptop. As a matter of fact, the adapter has worked under excessive pressure for a long time, which can be examined by its work temperature.

Nowadays, many new researches have released in laptop battery in the battery exhibition in China, which has realized a great breakthrough in battery standby time and shelf life. Comparatively, the development of AC adapter is limited by solar energy and portability. I just can’t help to think if it is the problem of technology research or the personal attention only.

When the HP laptop battery accidents happened to us, less people came to pay close attention to AC adapter like HP 402018 001. They seem to forget that laptop charger and battery are both parts of the whole instead of separated individuals. Actually, the adapter still has control circuitry inside to avoid any accidents happen.

In addition, laptop power cord seems to be less important to users while its potential functions are beyond our expectation. In most cases, internal resistances in the power cord will limit the power supply from outlet while produce more heat inside. And the poor contact in interface will also lead to some serious damage in AC adapter and laptop components.

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To be sure, for many large-scale equipments, AC adapter is of significance as a transformer and stabilizator. According to this principle, we have no reasons to ignore its effects. After getting power energy from laptop power cord, it initiates to be a switch-mode power supply to laptop battery and other laptop accessories. Even if it doesn’t cost a lot in the market or can be compatible with many other laptops from the appearance, AC adapter has its own unique features and complex internal structure, which will bring great significance to all the users.

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