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Monday, August 16, 2010

It is learned by more and more users that solar laptop charger can be carried here and there randomly while it is frequently to be universal to all kinds of laptop computers. However, pit against an electronic one, except for solar energy, how much has been changed in charge principle?

The HP Compaq laptop AC power adapter I use to use in the office comes to be a typical laptop charger in the market. Once plugged into the outlet, it keeps in the condition of charge holding with continuous external power energy consumed. Even if a charge switch is available there, it still cannot get rid of consumption in internal circuits while more and more internal resistances produced.

laptop charger

Comparatively, although solar laptop charger will also receive solar energy when it is out of work, it seems that utilization rate of power energy comes to be higher with less internal contamination. In my point of view, solar chargers are more similar to laptop battery. HP adapter provides power energy to laptop by split-flow from external power supply while the solar ones stored the solar energy inside the transformer.

When provide electricity to laptop, it has to transfer the chemical energy to electronic energy, which has been stored inside laptop charger for a while. That is to say, even if there’s no sunlight available to users, there’s still power energy supplied to laptop. Furthermore, according to its unique principle, we can also be regarded it as a battery, which will be more powerful than HP adapter.

Anyway, as technology hasn’t developed to be so mature as we expected, maybe we should keep HP Compaq laptop AC power more further. And I still believe that solar laptop charger will definitely change our life and work a lot in the near future.

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