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Monday, November 8, 2010

Since lithium-ion batteries have become hotter and hotter in the industry of vehicles products, a great number of new materials in electrode, electrolyte and diaphragm have continued to be released to the public. However, Sony Vaio laptop battery seems to have nothing of movement before claiming to have great revolution later.

In fact, Sony has had a more detailed investigation in these new areas in laptop batteries. From the figures, it is obviously that both new materials and protection circuit have significant influence with each other so that Sony laptop batteries can develop more efficiently.

Then, what’s the root impact from these two factors?

It is still uncertain if LFP is useful to Sony Vaio laptop battery.

After occupying the market for nearly a decade, lithium-ion Sony laptop battery is reported to leave behind while some new materials like LFP will replace it with more powerful features. In addition, more other replacing materials are under research. That is to say, if any other new anode or cathode can have better performance and lower cost, LFP won’t be applied to Sony Vaio laptop batteries.

Traditional laptop batteries are under threat of solar consumer electronics.

Although the 2010 Expo has ended, the topic of environmental protection hasn’t haul down its colors but have a significant influence in the whole world, electronic products in particular. That is to say, if some solar laptop batteries can work without getting external power energy from vgp-ac19v10 with stable and safety work conditions, it will be popularized in a short time.

As no relevant protection circuit can keep Sony Vaio laptop battery stable, it is really too early to release these new technologies. I agree that all the manufacturers should have a more completed view of the whole industry current situation and future trend. In this transitional period, actual opportunities are more valuable than these details of new materials or internal structure.


by: USB Phone World