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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Many users are confused that why the standby time of laptops is of great difference with each other. Dell 6000 Battery, as a high-capacity compatible one, won’t last for 8 hours or more as that of net book does. Absolutely, which laptop accessory has consumed so much power energy in the process of running to the greatest extent?

Among all the accessories, some primary parts have cost lithium-ion batteries the most power energy, including CPU, discrete graphics, chip set, LCD screen and other components. To be sure, dell inspiron 6000 9 cell battery has to be powerful enough to supply for advanced technologies applied to these parts. Otherwise, it is hard to say if the laptop computer will be out of control.

Consumption list of d608h battery as below:

  • CPU: 10%~50%

  • discrete graphics: 25%~70%

  • chip set: 25%~40%

  • LCD screen: 20%~30%

  • other components: around 20%

It is obviously that d608h battery has been misunderstood in its actual output power and current consumption. Similar situations have occurred to Dell 6000 battery nearly every single day.

Compared to desktop computer, tk369 of Dell Insprion laptop changes from each other in CPU performance so that CPU will change its energy consumption according to its present work conditions. So are other components. It can be seen that discrete graphics occur to be the largest consuming parts while it can adjust itself automatically once overloading happens. Of course, if possible, single nucleus is also a good choice, which is said to consume less.

In my point of view, it is of great importance to choose the suitable the specifications of compatible Dell 6000 battery according to the configuration of these laptop accessories. We should learn about the difference between normal LCD screen and widescreen while chip set performs different by specification model of discrete graphics. All these are guides for us to purchase an appropriate new battery replacement.

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