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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It comes to be a professional problem to lithium-ion batteries. However, this article is not only useful to manufacturers but provide users necessary information on battery purchasement as well. We have done some experiments on Macbook a1175 to figure out the actual discrimination between super capacitor and normal ones with lithium diaphragm.

Super Capacitor

In the market, laptop batteries are composed of several parts, battery cubicle, container, perforated separator, cells and so on. Each of them has complex internal structure and related components inside. Among them capacitor seems to be a more important one to influence on a1175 by performance.

From the experiment, our researchers figure out that the drying temperature of super capacitor is higher than other materials in lithium-ion batteries. For this reason, diaphragm seems to be dangerous for macbook a1175 to work in safety.

In addition, although diaphragm cannot endure such a high temperature, Apple a1185 battery of this configuration has larger internal resistances than that of apple a1175 battery. As we all know, resistance is a primary contributor to make lithium-ion batteries to be aging, even though it is useful to keep it from overloading.

Of course, some diaphragm composed by Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor occurs to be better in performance, which can be used as a replacement to this Super Capacitor. The root cause is porosity so that Macbook Pro 15 battery a1175 can transmit more power energy to motherland instead of being blocked and resistances come into being.

That’s why macbook a1175 can last much longer than apple a1185 battery although the latter is maintained more carefully. And such a result can be checked very easily. Go and get a diaphragm, then only a little electrolyte can figure out the poriness of certain capacitors.

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