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Thursday, October 21, 2010

If you are a facier of lithium-ion batteries, you must have learned about the impacts of water based binder. Sony Vaio laptop battery, as the earliest founder to lithium-ion laptop battery, has achieved some improvement which is available only by some updated binders in cells.

Binder is one of the most important component elements to lithium-ion batteries, whose performance has direct influence on capacity, power density and stability. Recently, in the whole industry, water based binder has draw into pole pieces by coating process technology which can help the manufacturing to go green.

These years, Sony Vaio laptop battery has experienced all kinds of stages, including successes and failures. Of course, with the lithium-ion batteries development, Sony has better reputation among PC manufacturers so that it has occupied the most market share. However, complex internal structure has added much more pressure on Sony Vaio in appearance and additional functions.

sony vaio laptop battery, water based binder

To be fortunate, as such powerful water based binder discovered and applied into use, Sony Vaio laptop battery has developed more rapidly while some former problems have been solved as well. Due to the advantages of binders, electrode and pole piece of lithium-ion batteries will have better electrochemical properties.

As a matter of fact, in the industry, such water based binder used by Sony Vaio laptop battery has acquired great investment by commercial entrepreneurs. It is sure that all aspects of performance, such as high energy density, work voltage, long recharging cycles and discharge rate, have effective improve the situation of lithium-ion batteries.

As a new energy resource in the new era, Sony Vaio laptop battery has optimized itself in performance while environmental protection and shortage of energy can be solved by improved electrode manufacturing crafts.


by: USB Phone World