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Monday, October 18, 2010
Inspiron 9300 battery Dell has ranked first in the "top sales" for several weeks. Thanks to its high capacity and stable work conditions, it seems to be an ever-victorious general in USB Phone World. However, I am here to remind you that even d5318 battery is possible to be dead by accident. If you have seen the thermometer as below, you should be acutely aware to adjust yourself.

inspiron 9300 battery dell

In fact, as long as the work temperature is higher than 70℉, Dell m911g battery is confronted with capacity reduction to some extent. Of course, with the increasing of temperature, the rate of reduction comes to be higher and higher until it has reached the maximum level. So are Dell Inspiron 9300 battery and some other lithium-ion laptop batteries.

How to avoid Inspiron 9300 battery Dell from heat improvement?

As is seen to us, all the laptop computers come to be hotter and hotter if they have kept working. Meanwhile, all the components have the similar conditions even if the value is different from each other. Just as AC adapter, I think we can go for a cooling fan for lithium-ion laptop battery for Dell Inspiron 9300. Therefore, Dell m911g won’t perform to be weak in running speed and suffering from crash so often.

inspiron 9300, thermometer

What’s the normal rate for Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop battery to be aging?

To solve this problem, we can compare battery life Dell Inspiron 1525 4 cell to it while the results are obvious to us. Every lithium-ion laptop battery has its own recharging cycles which have reduced nearly every single day. For this reason, batteries will have different rate of aging according to the cycles.

Will high-quality lithium-ion batteries like Inspiron 9300 battery Dell reduce less?

After learning about recharging cycles, it is apparent that high-capacity Dell Inspiron 9300 batteries seem to be last longer and reduce more slowly which is determined by cells quality and cycles. Dell Inspiron 1525 battery, with the similar cells quantity, has shorter recharging cycles so that we cannot use it so optionally. In addition, the using method and maintenance will also influence the reduction rate as well, which can be seen in BOIS.

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