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Thursday, October 21, 2010

In most cases, Dell products are of low price so that users come to be doubt about the quality and performance. As to lithium-ion laptop batteries, d5318 replacement battery, even if with good credibility in society, comes to be influenced by Dell accidents. Many users complain that what they can do is only maintaining carefully without any other measurements to deal with electrolytic condenser failure by advance.

discharge rate, curves

If I tell you that only by the discharge rate curve can we figure out the situation of d5318, maybe many people will think I’m insane. To be sure, compared to overheating, injury on discharging has attracted fewer attentions to us so that the potential crisis has got to the point of serious accidents and even dead.

Dell Inspiron 1300 battery used to be consumed fully but reduced rapidly as well. After searching on Yahoo, I have found many questions about lithium-ion batteries refer to rapid decreasing in remaining power energy. Similar situations are common to us as long as some components are damaged in the internal cells.

To control the discharge rate, I turn on the battery management system to calculate the normal d5318 replacement battery and abnormal Dell Inspiron 1525 with 9 cell battery and draw a conclusion of nominal value. As a matter of fact, high-capacity lithium-ion batteries have the same rate with low-capacity ones as long as they all perform well.

After checking, the discharging rate by curves has occurred to d5318 obviously while Dell Inspiron 1525 battery comes to be a straight line after using for a short time. That is to say, it is abnormal for batteries to have different discharge rate in different stages.

d5318 replacement battery

Due to electrochemical properties of lithium-ions, d5318 replacement battery won’t charge or discharge to a too high or too low level. When the current or voltage increasing to a certain level, protection circuit will initiate to work while the actual power changes with time goes by. According to the features of battery internal structure, rate by curves are important and necessary.

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