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Monday, October 18, 2010

Since lithium-ion batteries have popped into our daily life, Sony Vaio laptop battery has brought me a large capacity in playing on laptop computers. According to the features of lithium-ions, this new Sony batteries have become a significant symbol to the industry of consumer electronics. Such a long durability and internal structure with protection circuit has changed our way of using in a great extent.

When we are bound up in the powerful functions, lithium-ion Sony Vaio laptop battery has reminded us the potential crisis by some accidents of Sony’s customers. As a matter of fact, just as vgp-bps2, sy-bp4v and SY-TX, most of Sony laptop batteries are of high capacity and high output voltage, which has increased the requirements of security and protection circuit.

Compared to some other lithium-ion laptop batteries with Sony cells, the original Sony Vaio laptop battery hasn’t got too many advantages in functions but some improvement in performance. In most cases, we won’t see more news about Sony to release some new technologies in lithium-ion batteries but some other electronic products.

sony vaio laptop battery

Comparatively, compatible Sony laptop batteries of these PCG and VGN laptop models haven’t receive so many serious accidents but only some events of power failure or short standby time.

On no account can we ignore the history of lithium-ion batteries so that the reactive characteristics are likely to a time bomb to destroy us and our peaceful lives. Sony Vaio laptop battery, as an ancestor of lithium-ion electronics, has to learn more about its potential dangers. When the internal metal particles pierce the separator, even Sony batteries are possible to be short-circuited or even explosion.

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