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Monday, October 25, 2010

If you only learn about standby time or charge rate, you must have been out of fashion in consumer electronics. In the industry, there goes a classic work of five factors to laptop batteries. With these factors mastered, you can buy Dell 1525 battery of high quality and low cost-performance.

dell 1525 battery

The first story

Dell battery d5318, with 80W output power, is popularized by high capacity but more popular than 12-cell ones. The primary contributor should be attributed to these five factors, including capacity, output voltage, internal resistances, platform, recharging cycles.

There is no doubt that these factors influence with each other so that Dell 1525 battery won’t suffer from some accidents in the process of charging. Of course, so is the reduction and aging. Even if with high capacity, if internal resistances increasing, high work temperature and low output current are likely to consume more recharging cycles while the capacity can no longer as large as before.

The second story

Under this circumstance, what on earth can yf976 9 cell last longer than 12-cell Dell battery d5318 but have shorter lifespan than 6-cell Dell 1525 battery? It is conceivable that the problem has come down to some further components inside lithium-ion laptop batteries. That is anode, cathode, electrolyte, separation film and shell.

Up till now, new advanced materials can improve the inductive effects to a great extent. We should learn that porosity of the film has just determined the electronic quantity transmitting to laptop computers. No mentioned the electrolyte properties.

On no account can we make light of attentions to any of them. Dell 1525 battery is composed by these five primary accessories and none of them can be considered as the sole key and not being ignored as well. We should have mastered more information about them and have mental discernment on laptop batteries.

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